Push for PORTER

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There was an old woman from Wexford, in Wexford she did dwell
She loved her old man dearly but another one twice as well

With me right fol lid-der-al ar-yl
And me right fol low-rel lee

One day she went to the doctor some medicine for to find
Saying 'Doctor give me something that will make me ould man blind'

Feed him eggs and marrow bones and make him sup them all
It won't be so very long after till he won't see you at all

The doctor wrote a letter and he signed it with his hand
He sent it round to the old man so that he might understand

She fed him eggs and marrow bones and made him sup them all
And very soon he said, 'Dear Wife, I can't see you at all'

Says he 'I'd like to drown myself but that might be a sin'
Says she 'I'll go along with you and I'll help to push you in'

The old woman, she stepped back a bit to rush and push him in
The old man quickly stepped aside and she went tumbling in

Oh, how loudly did she roar and how loudly did she bawl
'Arrah hould yer whisht ould woman,' says he, 'I can't see you at all'

She swam and swam and swam and swam 'til she came to the further brim
The old man got a big long pole and he pushed her further in

O eggs are eggs and marrow bones may make your old man blind
But if you want to drown him you must creep up close behind