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The Dameans

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Without clouds, the rain can't wash the land
Without rain, the grass won't hide the sand
Without grass, the flower's bloom won't grow
Without pain, the joy in life won't show.

Never saw a sunrise that didn't follow night;
hardly saw it shining 'til a shadow blocked it's light;
never took a journey
and not leave some place behind,
not feel some anguish before some peace of mind.

I'm not afraid of pain or threats it seems to give,
though it only tears at life, with little left to live.
Still it won't conquer me if I can learn to bend;
For when it's course is run, renewed, I'll rise again.

There's one who knew our pain,
there's one who felt our loss
And yet he knew a love that went beyond the cost.
He dared to lose it all, to trust the Father's care,
And God restored His life
and conquered death's despair.