Push for PORTER

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Sean Mone

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Willie McCrea was on his knees, he wanted to be an M.P.
He went to join the Free P's the day he saw the light
He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't laugh at dirty jokes
He doesn't mix with sinner folks, he knows that he was right
He doesn't curse, he doesn't swear, he doesn't have long hair
He doesn't wear his chest bare, he doesn't stand for fools
He doesn't go out late at night, he doesn't wear his trousers tight
He doesn't go to cock fights, he doesn't do the pools

Praise the Lord hear us pray, drive them Taigs into the sea
Let's hear it now for Willie McCrea
Oh Willie McCrea, Willie McCrea, Willie McCrea, Willie McCrea
He's the saviour of our nation

He doesn't pray to the Child of Prague, he doesn't want to be a Taig
Ní labhrann sé an Ghaeilge, he doesn't wear corduroy
He doesn't listen to rock and roll, he doesn't sign upon the dole
He doesn't go to Fleadhanna Ceoil, he couldn't stand the noise
He doesn't ride on the peace train, he doesn't play at Gaelic games
He doesn't vote for Sinn Féin, he doesn't bite his nails
He doesn't clap, he doesn't cheer, he does not wear a ring in his ear
Of the devil he has no fear, he has him by the tail

He doesn't talk to Peter Brooke, he keeps his eye on Robin Cooke
Martin Guinness makes him puke, Gerry Adams drives him daft
He doesn't park on yellow lines, he does not drink the Buckfast wine
He doesn't cry at closing time, he has no overdraft
He doesn't wink, he doesn't flirt, he does not gaze at mini-skirts
He's no Fenian, that's a cert, he doesn't keep a hound
He doesn't sin, he does no wrong, he does not stand for The Soldiers Song
Where there's jigs and reels and accordions he hasn't yet been found

He doesn't like the government; he does not fall behind in his rent
The Anglo-Irish agreement is another papish plot
He's not a Paddy, he's not a Brit, he's not a Taff, he's not a Fritz
He's not a Yank, he isn't Dutch, he's neither Czech nor Scot
He doesn't recognise the Pope, he wears no medals around his throat
He doesn't need to smoke dope, he's always on a high
He doesn't mix with rogues or knaves, he doesn't go to all night raves
The world is lost but he's been saved, he'll never ever die