Push for PORTER

izquierdaWhatever You Say, Say Nothingderecha

Colum Sands


Whatever you say, say nothing when you talk about you-know-what.
For if you-know-who should hear ya, you know what you'd get
They take you all to you-know-where for you-wouldn't-know-how-long,
So for you-know-whose sake don't let anyone hear you singing this song

You all know what I'm speaking of when I mention you-know-what,
And I fear it's very dangerous to even mention that.
For the other ones are always near, although you may not see,
And if anyone asks who told you that, please don't mention me.

You all know who I'm speaking of, when I mention you-know-who,
For if you-know-who should hear you, you know what he'd do.
So if you don't see me again, you'll know why I'm away,
And if anyone asks you where I've gone, here's what you must say

Well that's enough about so-and-so, not to mention such-and-such,
And I better end my song now. I've already said too much.
Well, the less you say, the less you hear, and the less you'll go astray,
And the less you think, the less you do, and the more you'll hear them say