Push for PORTER


Zozimus   (Michael Moran)

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Come listen to me story,
it's about a nice young man
When the militia wasn't wanting,
he dealt in hawking twang
He loved a lovely maiden,
as fair as any midge
And she kept a treacle billy depot,
one side of the Carlisle Bridge

Another one came courting her
and his name was Mickey Bags
He was a commercial traveller
and he dealt in bones and rags
Well he took her down by Sandymount,
for to see the waters roll
And he stole the heart of the twangmans mot,
playing Billy-in-the-Bowl

Well when the twangman heard of this
he fell into a terrible rage
And he swore by the contents of his twang cart,
on him he would have his revenge
So he lays in wait near to James's Gate
and when poor old Bags come up
With his twang knife he took the life
of the poor old gather-em-up

Well now yiz have heard me story
and I hope yiz'll be good men
And not go chasing the Twangman's mot
or any other old hen
For they'll leave you without a brass farthing,
not even your old sack of rags
And ye'll wind up in the gutter there,
like poor old Mickey the Bags!