Push for PORTER

izquierdaTrain From Sligo / The Scholarderecha

Thom Moore

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The train from Sligo moves too slow as it brings her from the school below
She wants to be home faster than the train from Sligo ever can
And wonders where the passing time goes creeping by the window
My oh my, it's getting longer than it ever has before

Eyes wide as silver dollars, I can't think why, but she's a scholar
Hold on; it seems so long to learn what's right from what is wrong
Oh, school books and fancy collars; might not care to be a scholar
Hold on, her daddy tells her, learn to sing your song

The train to Sligo moves too fast when holidays are gone at last
And winter nights are here again, please promise me you'll write me then
It's two long weeks till I come home, I can't help feeling all alone
If someone doesn't write me soon, I'll simply blow away