Push for PORTER

izquierdaThe Politician Songderecha

Mickey MacConnell


For twenty frantic fruitless years I worked in Dublin Town
Reporting for newspapers, I was busy writing down
All the words of politicians in my endless quest for truth
T'was at such a wasted exercise I squandered all my youth.
That's the cause of my misfortune, as I'll explain to you
For I find myself now talking like politicians do
So if somebody should ask me "Do I take sugar in my tae"?
I grasp them warmly by the hand and this is what I say.

Well I'm very glad you asked me that for at this point in time
In the circumstances that exist there is in the pipeline
Infrastructural implications interfaced with lines of thought
Which lead to grassroots viabilities which at this point I'd rather not
Enunciate in ambiguities but rather seek to find
Negotiated compromises which are the bottom line
For full and frank discussions which could serve to integrate
With basic fundamental principles to which we all relate
Not in doctrinaire philosophy which any fool can see
In inescapable hypothesis confronting you and me
But in the interests of the common good then you need never fear
For I have the matter well in hand and I'm glad I made things clear.

Now as you can imagine this has greatly changed my life
An example was the fateful day on which I wed my wife
All went well until the moment the priest asked me with a smile
"Do you take this woman for your wife"? and swiftly I replied.

Now I'm lying on my deathbed and I'm filled with mortal dread
For I know that very shortly I will certainly be dead
And when Saint Peter asks me do I want to come on in
I'm sure to face damnation for I know I'll say to him.