Push for PORTER

izquierdaThe January Manderecha

John Goulder


The January man he goes around in woollen coat and boots of leather
The February man still shakes the snow from of his clothes and blows his hands
The man of March he sees the Spring and wonders what the year will bring
And hopes for better weather.

Through April rain the man goes down to watch the birds come in to share the summer
The man of May stands very still to watch the children dance away the day
In June the man inside the man is young and wants to lend a hand
And smiles at each new comer.

In July the man in cotton short he sits and thinks and being idle
The August man in thousands takes the road to find the sun and watch the sea
September man is standing near to saddle up another year
And Autumn is his bridle

The man of new October takes the rain and early frost is on his shoulder
The poor November man sees fire and mist and wind and rain and winter air
December man looks through the snow to let eleven brothers know
They're all a little older

The January man he comes around again in coat and boots of leather
To take another turn and walk along the icy roads he knows so well
The January man is here the start of each and every year
Along the road forever