Push for PORTER

izquierdaSweet Drumranederecha

One night of late by the riverside as I strolled along the way,
By the water as it winds through Glen I heard this lover say,
"O Maggie dear, O Maggie now, it causes me great pain,
To think that you refuse to go and live in sweet Drumrane".

"There's many a one in America who wish they'd never did roam
And there's many and many an Irish girl still longing for a home
Perhaps the day may come your way when we are far apart
You'll wish you'd been in sweet Drumrane near the town of Carrigart".

She says "Dear Phil, 'tis not my will that I do wish to go
You can follow me to America if that you love me so
There's work away with plenty pay if only you had the heart
And what is a man with wee bit of land near the town of Carrigart".

Whoever leaves their native home and cross the raging sea
Even then they manage home again they are not so hard to please
But time will tell as you know well when you come back again
I may be wed to some fair maid in lovely sweet Drumrane

"If you never venture you'll never win you've always heard it said
And that is why I cannot stay but I must leave instead
And don't think long when I am gone and do not think I'm mean
For there's plenty hunger and poverty in lovely sweet Drumrane"

The night wore on as they walked along and little more was said
Glencoe breeze whipped through the trees and the moon dipped overhead
He said "All right, I'll say goodnight and with a heart of pain
I'll have to stay and work away in lovely sweet Drumrane."

As he goes out in grief and doubt now he takes a staring view
Of the glittering sands of Tramore Strand that deeps the waters blue
He looks across the tumbling waves that keep them far apart
Saying "I wish I had you Maggie dear, near the town of Carrigart"