Push for PORTER

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Paddy Kehoe

A Stóirín Bán, when first we met,
I can see the roses yet,
And the light that lit your happy eyes of blue,
I can hear your sweet voice say,
Welcome as the flowers in May,
As it did when first I whispered back to you.


Will you come with me a stór,
when the summer days are o'er,
And the rooks are winging homeward in the sky.
Where the mountains rise away,
o'er a field of gold and grey,
We'll go home to Slaney Valley, you and I.

A Stóirín Bán, when you said yes,
brimful was my happiness,
Summer sped as ne'er before on flying feet,
Never shown the moon so bright,
On a starry coat of night,
Never sang the thrushes so divinely sweet.


A Stóirín Bán, for years you've been,
In my heart its rightful Queen,
Ever loving, ever tender, ever true,
On our hearts your smile did shine,
Gladdening all it glowed upon,
As it did when first I whispered back to you.