Push for PORTER

izquierdaShackleton's Returnderecha

Peter McCluskey


And..If my ship comes home - will you stand upon the quay
And wave as I bring the boys back home.
And on that very day, I will take you by the hand
I'll promise you, I never more will roam

The seas are all frozen now
The sails hang their heads
Many a man has taken to his bed.
And now that our journey's failed
The wind it cries our name.
Will we ever see the lights of home again.

The birds have all left us now
The winter's closing in
Your sweet eyes come to me in my sleep
We did not reach the Pole this time
But I had to come
The Memories of these days, I'll have to keep.

There is no ship by human hands
That could stand this strain
I've taken all the crew unto the floe.
And if by chance our fortune rises
Homeward we'll be bound
Somehow I'll return to you , I know.

The day and night are just the same
In Antarctic lands
The sun hangs in the sky all the while
We hope and pray for our souls
As we wait to be saved
Stranded on the ice, mile after mile.