Push for PORTER

izquierdaThe Roads Of Kildarederecha

John Duggan


Johnny was born in a mansion,
somewhere in the County of Clare
Rosie was reared by the roadside,
somewhere in County Kildare
Destiny brought them together,
on the road to Killorglin one day
In her bright pretty shawl she was singing,
And she stole his young heart away
And she said.....

Meet me tonight at the camp-fire,
come with me over the hill
Let us be married to-morrow,
please let me whisper I will
What if the neighbours are talking
Who cares if your friends stop and stare
You'll be proud to be married to Rosie
Who was reared on the roads of Kildare

Think of the parents that reared you,
think of the family name
How could you marry a Gypsy?
Oh what a terrible shame
Parents and friends stop your pleading,
don't worry about my affair
For I've fallen in love with a Gypsy
Who was reared on the roads of Kildare
And she said....

Johnny came down from his mansion
Just as the sun was gone down
Turning his back on his kin-folk,
likewise on his own native town
Facing the roads of old Ireland,
with the gypsy he loved so sincere
As he came to the light of the camp-fire
These are the words he could hear
And she said....