Push for PORTER

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It was a cold and dreary morning in December (December)
And all of me money it was spent (spent, spent)
Where the hell it went, I can't remember (remember)
So down to the shipping office I went (off I went)

Paddy lie back, (Paddy lie back)
Take in your slack (take in your slack)
Take a turn around the capstan heave a pawl.
'Bout ship, stations, boys, be handy (be handy!)
We're bound for Valparaiso 'round the horn

Well it seems there was a great demand for sailors (for sailors)
For the colonies, and for Frisco and for France (France, France)
Well, I shipped aboard the limey barque the Hotspur (the Hotspur)
And got paralytic drunk on my advance (my ad-vance)

There were Frenchmen,there were Germans there were Russians There were jolly jacks came just across from from France And not one of them could speak a word of English But they'd answer to the name of Bill or Dan

Well, I joined her on a cold December morning (morning)
A-flapping of me flippers to keep me warm (keep me warm)
With the south cone hoisted as a warning (a warning)
To stand by the coming of a storm

Well, I woke up in the morning stiff and sore (sore)
And I knew that I was outward bound again (bound again)
And a voice come a-bawling at the door (door)
Lay aft men, and answer to your name (to your name)

Now it was on the quarter deck when first I seen 'em (seen 'em)
Such an ugly bunch I never seen before (seen before)
Cause there was a bum and stiff from every quarter (quarter)
And it made my poor old heart feel sick and sore (sore, sore)