Push for PORTER

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Brian Bilston

"After what has been an incredibly busy period, we thought it would be nice to make the most of this lovely weather and have some socially distanced drinks in the No.10 garden this evening."
Martin Reynolds, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, 20th May 2020

I know these last few months have been trying,
especially with all the dead and dying,
but the sun is out, it's lovely weather
for a garden party get-together.

I appreciate you've all been busy
but there's nothing like a glass of fizzy
to help take the edge off all this pressure
and like I say, it`s lovely weather,

Let us not forget our social distance
by which I mean, the total difference
between ourselves and others lesser.
It really is such splendid weather.

Should BYO need more explanation.
it means Bring Your Own Rules and Regulations.
See you at six - or later, whenever -
let's make the most of this lovely weather

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