Push for PORTER

izquierdaThe Kilmacthomas Girlderecha

John Barry

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I have met some pretty colleens
in my rambles here and there,
there were tall ones and small ones,
sure you'll find them everywhere.
But of all the pretty girls I've met,
From the Comeraghs to the sea,
Sure the Kilmacthomas Girl
is the one that pleases me.

She is as fine a girl as you could wish to see,
I'd marry her this minute if she only would agree,
How I wish that I could coax her down
to Caheroon with me,
For the Kilmacthomas Girl is the best of quality.

Twas at a dance I met her
and she gave me such a start
In fact I can't forget her
for she stole away my heart
I cannot tell what clothes she wore
I couldn't even guess
For while I was staring at her face
I never saw her dress

Now I'm losing every job I get,
For work I'm not inclined,
Sure tis hard for me to work at all,
there's so much on my mind,
Now I'm planning how to get her,
so I'll have enough to do,
And sure if she says she'll marry me,
well I'll work as good as two.

Now when I go to bed at night
sure I cannot sleep a wink,
And I know you wouldn't believe me
when I tell you what I think,
And sure when I'm tired of thinking,
I'd go down into the glen,
Oh I'd stand outside her window
and go back to bed again.

Well tonight I'm going to meet her
and I'll tell her straight and plain,
And behold if she refuses me,
sure I'll never stand the strain,
But behold if she refuses me
and sure if I still survive,
Well I'll join the monks in Mellory
for as long as I'm alive.