Push for PORTER

izquierdaIrish Ways and Irish Laws (Kevin's)derecha

Once upon a time there was Irish ways and Irish laws,
Villages of Irish blood,
Waking to the morning, Waking to the morning.

Then the Virus came around, Turned us up and turned us down,
Turned our smiles into great frowns,
Our lives were torn asunder, Our lives were torn asunder

The restaurants closed, the pubs are gone,
How long more can we carry on,
The Newtown's locked and we are not, It's locked and we are not.

Again, again the Covid came, Case by case and Wave on Wave.
Five K limits and facemasks on,
Don't cough or don't sneeze, Don't cough or don't you sneeze

We have no pints, the cans are sour, Cometh the man, cometh the hour,
The off-licence is our only hope
But we have no cocktail sausages, we have no cocktail sausages

Today the struggle carries on, Another Patrick's day gone wrong,
But here's to Zoom when the WiFi's strong,

Thanks to Everyone and the session, to Everyone and the session