Push for PORTER

izquierdaWherever You Goderecha

Mick Hanly

I'm Settling Down in this cosy old town
I guess I grew tired of watching my back
Locking my doors and hiding my car
crying for nights smoky and black.

I miss you for sure but I've weighed it all up
I found there are far sweeter ways of filling my cup
So wish me the best I need it i know
This old life is never easy wherever You go

I'm Settling Down Leaving this flat
building a home and hanging my hat
Tightening my belt and yielding my purse
making my choice for better or worse

Night life is fine But you end up the same
In the arms of some stranger Asking her name
Turning the fast fast fast forward to slow
This old life is never easy Wherever you go.

She stood in the wings - T'was part of the plot
I loved her on sight And I missed her a lot
Made up my mind To be by her side
And swore that our boats might rise with the tide.

Of course we fall out But it's easy to fix
Taking the wind from my sails Is one of her tricks
Setting me straight And letting me know
That this old life is never easy Wherever You go