Push for PORTER

izquierdaMy Little Honda 50derecha

Tom Tuohy

You Tube

My little Honda 50 she's rapid and she's nifty.
She'll do a hundred and fifty on a windy day.
My little Honda 50, hit the nitro and she'll shift me.
Get me away from the Garda any day.

I got her in the Buy and Sell back in '92.
A travellin' man in a caravan said "This is the bike for you".
He was lookin' for a hundred, I gave him thirty two.
Took her for a spin out the Kinnegad Road and begod she feckin' flew.

I drove her into Newbridge lookin' for a couple of parts.
Alloy wheels, a sat-nav and a new push button start.
Headin' out to Robertstown for the bingo and the beer.
Comin' down the Hill of Allen she hit the ton in second gear.

I was ridin' across The Curragh nice and slow
The Guards pulled in behind me, Sergeant Kelly, don't you know.
I said, "O Buck, just my luck" and I hit the nitro hard.
By the time the squad hit Brookets Cross I had her parked in Brady's Yard.