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Francis Fahy

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Tis far away I am today
from scenes I roamed a boy
And long ago the hour I know
I first saw Illinois
No time no tide nor waters wide
could wean my heart away
Forever true I'll fly to you
my own dear Galway Bay.

My chosen bride is by my side
her brown hair turning grey
Her daughter Rose more like her grows
from April dawn to day
Our only boy, his mother's joy,
his father's pride so gay
With scenes like these I'd live at ease
beside you Galway Bay.

Oh grey and bleak by shore and creek
the rugged rocks abound
But sweeter green the grass between
that grows on Irish ground
So friendship fond all wealth beyond
and love that lives always
Bless each dear home beside your foam
my dear old Galway Bay

Had I youth's blood and hopeful mood
and a heart of fire once more
For all the gold this world could hold
I'd never leave your shore
I'd live content with whatever God sent
with neighbours old and grey
And I'd leave my bones 'neath churchyard stones
beside you Galway Bay

The blessings of a poor old man
be with you night and day
The blessings of a poor old man
whose heart will soon be clay
There's one request I will ask of God
upon my dying day
Is my soul to soar forever more
above you Galway Bay.