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Pete St.John

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All the little boats have gone
From the breast of Anna Liffey
The ferrymen are stranded on the quay
Sure the Dublin docks is dying
And a way of life is gone
And Molly it was part of you and me.

Where the strawberry beds, sweep down to the Liffey
You'll kiss away the worries from my brow
I love you well today and I'll love you more tomorrow
If you ever love me Molly, love me now.

'Twas the only job I knew
It was hard but never lonely
The Liffey ferry made a man of me
Now it's gone without a whisper
And forgotten even now
Sure it's over, Molly, over can't you see.

Well now I'll tell my yarns
And I'll spend my days in talking
And I'll hear them whisper - Charlie's on the dole
But Molly we're still living
And Molly we're still young
And the river never owned my heart or soul

It's been over a year
Since I've been a-workin'
Can't you see this lack of work is killing me
But we've saved our money dear
We're heading for Australia
To start a new life over cross the sea