Push for PORTER

izquierdaCreggan White Harederecha

In the lowland of Creggan there lives a white hare
As swift as the swallow that flies through the air
You may tramp the world over but none to compare
With the pride of low Creggan white hare

One clean autumn morning as you would suppose
The red golden sun o'er the green mountain rose
Barney Conway came down and then he did declare
This day I'll put an end to that bonnie white hare

So he searched through the lowlands and down through the glens
And among the wild bushes where the white hare had ends
Till at last coming down o'er the heather so bare
From behind a wild thistle jumped out the white hare

Bang bang went his guns and his dog, he slipped too
As swift as the wind over the green mountain flew
But his dog soon came back and it made Barney sigh
For he knew that the white hare had bid him goodbye

We've some jolly sportsmen down here from Pomeroy
From Cookstown, Dungannon and likewise the Moy
With our pedigree greyhounds, we've travelled from far
And we've come down to Creggan in our fine motor car

Well unto to the lowlands these huntsmen did go
In search of the white hare, they looked high and low
Till at last Barney Conway from a bog bank so bare
Shouted out to these huntsmen, there lies the white hare

They called up their greyhounds from off the green lea
And Barney and the huntsmen, all jumped high with glee
It was there on the bog bank all gathered around
Seven dogs and nine men did that poor hare surround

Well no wonder the white hare did tremble with fear
As she stood on her hind legs and raised her big ears
As she stood on her hind legs with one gallant spring
She jumped over the greyhounds and broke through the ring

The chase it went on, 'twas a beautiful view
As swift as the wind o'er the green mountains flew
But those pedigree greyhounds, they didn't run far
They came back and went home in their fine motor car

Then came another man and you all know him well
His name was Pat Devlin with bonnie Black Nell
In search of the white hare, today I'll have fun
I'll bet fifty to one that my Black Nell will her turn

Five times, the hare got then from bonnie Black Nell
And the sixth one was given around John Haughey's well
'twas there we lost sight of the hare and the dog
And then ten minutes later, came o'er the black bog

Well, that chase it went on, it was great for to see
The white hare and the black dog, both roamed light and free
Till she travelled to Esker where she knew the lands well
And to bonnie Black Nell there soon bid a farewell

And now to conclude and finish this rhyme
I hope you'll forgive me for singing all this time
If there's any amongst you in Carrickmore fair
Please drink up a health to that bonnie white hare