Push for PORTER


Swedish Bandgroup

Parody of "Jolene"

Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid,
Everything is closed because of you
Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid,
Staying home's the only thing to do

Your spread is far beyond compare
When you don't even spread by air
But with drops of liquid stemming from within
You took Euro fine ski resorts
There'll be no more Winter Sports
Or gatherings because of you, Covid.

Everywhere we turn you are
Doesn't matter near or far
We're homebound now because of you Covid
The spreading isn't all that strange
When planes land on each mountain range
But they won't now because of you Covid

Mitigation is the only way
We can now your spreading sway
And we're trying to slow you down Covid
Our healthcare it is very strange
Our nurses are already drained
But then you came and made it worse Covid