Push for PORTER

izquierdaAutumn Goldderecha

Andy Irvine


My mood is clothed in Autumn's shades
My summer sun begins to fade
Fading away with the waning year
Changing my tempo now Autumn is here

Time to leave my friends behind
I leave this town with you on my mind
The dead leaves are burning, the year is decaying
Winter returning, no use in delaying

One week ago we walked by here
I never dreamed life's death was so near
We laughed and played the summer through
The sun is going and I must go too.

Autumn Gold the Winter snow,
There's some goes north but its north I must go
Leaving this town and the friends that I know
It's late in the year there'll be ice and snow.

When the sun returns I'll come back too
I'll write a song and I'll sing it for you.