Rambling Boys of Pleasure

You rambling boys of pleasure give ear unto these lines I write:
I own I am a rover, in rambling I take great delight.
I cast my mind on a handsome girl and oftentimes she does me slight;
My mind is never easy except when my true love is in my sight.

Down by yon flowery gardens where me and my true love do meet
I took her in my arms and unto her gave kisses sweet.
She bade me take love easy just as the leaves fall from the tree,
But I being young and foolish with my own true love I did not agree.

And the second time I met my love, I thought that her heart was surely mine.
But as the season changes my darling girl has changed her mind.
Gold is the root of evil, although it bears a glistening hue,
Causes many's the lad and the lass to part though their hearts like mine be e'er so true.

And I wish I was in Belfast town and my true love along with me,
And money in my pocket to keep us in good company.
Liquor to be plenty, a flowing glass on every side,
Hard fortune would ne'er daunt me for I am young and the world is wide.

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