Bonaparte commanded his troops for to stand,
And he planted his cannons all over the land
And he planted his cannons the whole vict'ry for to gain,
And they killed my light horseman returning from Spain

Broken hearted I will wander for the loss of my lover
He is my bonny light horseman in the wars he was slain

If you saw my love on sentry on a cold winter's day
With his rosy red cheeks and his flowing brown hair
All mounted on horseback the whole victory for to gain
And 'tis on the battlefield great honours to gain.

Oh! If I were a blackbird and had wings to fly
I would fly to the spot where my true love he does lie
And with my little fluttering wings his wounds I would heal
And 'tis all the night long on his breast I would lie

Oh Boney! oh Boney! I have caused you no harm
Tell me why, tell me why have you caused me such alarm?
We were happy together, my true love and me
Oh but now you have stretched him in death over the sea.

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