28/12/2018 REELS for JANUARY: Come West, Woman of the House, Morning Star
06/12/2018 JIGS: The Kilmovee Jig, Mrs Malaprop
02/12/2018 REELS for DECEMBER: Paddy Fahy's, Crehan's, Cuz Teahan's
29/11/2018 CD LAUNCH SNAPS: Colm Keane launched his new CD in the Newtown Inn
25/11/2018 JIGS: Haunted House, Whistler at the Wake, The Old Flail
22/11/2018 REELS: The Broken Pledge, The Morning Dew, Woman of the House
20/11/2018 REELS: The Dawn, Sporting Nell, The Edenderry Reel
19/11/2018 HORNPIPES: The Wonder Hornpipe, An Comhra Donn
25/10/2018 REELS for NOVEMBER: Sligo Maid, The Congress, Maids of Mount Cisco
22/10/2018 JIGS: Humours of Kilclogher, Tell Her I Am, Queen of the Rushes
21/10/2018 JIGS: Jim Ward's, I Will If I Can
21/10/2018 REELS: Anderson's, Mossy Banks
20/10/2018 JIGS: Hag with the Money, Hardiman the Fiddler
19/10/2018 JIGS: Squirrel's Nest, Father Quinn's
16/10/2018 JIGS: The Orphan, I Buried My Wife..., Cat in the Corner
10/10/2018 WALTZ: Elizabeth's Waltz - Added by Anna
07/10/2018 POLKAS: In The Door And Out The Window, Paddy Scanlon's, Miss Mulvihill's, The Kinnard
06/10/2018 HORNPIPES: The Man from Newry, Blackbird - Added by Derek
31/09/2018 REELS for OCTOBER: The New Policeman, McDermott's, The Kilfenora Reel
21/09/2018 VIDEO and Live Sketch: Pushers in St. Mary's for Culture Night
09/09/2018 REEL: Mulhaire's - picked up at Cross Trad Festival
05/09/2018 SNAPS: Push in Castle - photographs added by Moira
31/08/2018 REELS for SEPTEMBER: Pigeon on the Gate, Glen of Aherlow, Tommy Peoples' Reel
31/08/2018 HORNPIPE: Humours of Tullycreen - An Anna Addition
12/08/2018 SNAPS: House on the Hill Session
07/08/2018 SNAPS: Anna swims Lahinch to Liscannor
28/07/2018 REELS for AUGUST: Coalminer's, Galway Rambler, London Lasses
22/07/2018 JIGS: Tenpenny Bit, Spotted Dog
22/07/2018 WALTZ: Banks of the Tyne - Added by Anna
22/07/2018 JIGS: The Bride's Favourite, Hearty Boys of Ballymote - Added by Anna
21/07/2018 SNAPS: Push On Tour in Louisburg - photographs added by Anna
21/07/2018 SNAPS: Paddy's Day in Friel's 2016 - photographs added by Anna
02/07/2018 REELS for JULY: Gold Stud, Boys of Malin, Gravel Walk
11/06/2018 SNAPS: Push On Tour in Louisburg - photographs added by Moira
11/06/2018 REEL: Gravel Walk
02/06/2018 REELS for JUNE: Sailor on the Rock, The Hare's Paw, Sunny Banks
22/05/2018 POLKAS: Ballyoran, I Have A Bonnet, Rakes of Mallow
01/05/2018 JIGS: Tatter Jack Walsh, Banish Misfortune
30/04/2018 Magic Slipper Set Adjusted
27/04/2018 REELS for MAY: Hunters House, Golden Keyboard, Fearghal O'Gara
26/04/2018 POLKAS: Ballydesmond, Dul dtí 's na Ráiseanna, Tripping to the Well
24/04/2018 POLKAS: Little Diamond, The Strathnairn, The Leitrim Rambler
12/04/2018 A Page of Set Dances
02/04/2018 POLKAS: Dan O'Connell's, Lakes of Sligo
27/03/2018 Newmarket POLKAS: Terry Teahan's, The Lighthouse, Art O'Keeffe's
17/03/2018 SNAPS: Lá 'le Pádraig in Friel's
13/03/2018 REELS: The Roscommon Reel, The Rookery, The Turnpike
13/03/2018 REELS: John Egan's, Dublin Porter
25/02/2018 SNAPS: Basia's Farewell Bash
02/02/2018 SNAPS: Niall is FIFTY!
04/12/2017 REELS: The Rookery, Musical Priest, Superfly - Added by Seán